Your Client Journey

Building a custom home might seem daunting at first but the benefits of being able to pick and choose all of the details specific to your taste and lifestyle needs are incredibly valuable. Rest assured that this will be the home of your dreams and with our knowledgeable staff to help you along the way, we’ll make sure the end product is something you can truly be proud of! 

Planning Phase


Meet with our team to discuss location, wish list, budget & timelines. 


We begin drafting your floor plans.

Planning Phase
Design Phase

Design Phase


Select your exterior and interior finishes with our interior designer. 


Review final pricing based off final plans and selections. 

Contract Phase


Sign contract and initial deposit. 

Construction Phase


Office works on all documentation for City Permits. 


Break ground on your new home. 


Guided walk-throughs of your home during various stages.

Construction Phase
Possession Phase

Possession Phase


Keys handed over as your new home awaits. 


Rest assured your new home is protected by Alberta New Home Warranty.

Let us help bring the home of your dreams to life!

Reach out to us today to get started.